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Viva La Cabo!!!

Los Cabos?!? Umm… I heard Mexico was unsafe. I’ll rather just go to Cancun. Where is Los Cabos again?!?

These are questions and statements I constantly hear when I try to get my travel clients to visit Los Cabos. Either they never heard of it, or are super against going to any where in Mexico not named Cancun. One of my main reasons writing this post, is so I can spread the word of how great of a destination Los Cabos really is.

Los Cabos is located on the Mexican Baja California Peninsula, so it’s not even on the mainland (for those worried about the Cartels… watching too much Narcos!!!), and being on the Baja be ready for the Cali vibes. The Baja is known for surfers!!! Los Cabos is actually two cities, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Both are great locations and offer nightlife, but this post is focusing on Cabo San Lucas.

When I visited Cabo, I had to take one 4-5 hour flight to Arizona, and another 2-3 hour flight to San Jose del Cabo; and it was worth every minute on the plane!!! Touched down and our driver was waiting for us. Most places you go, everyone is trying to make as much money as they can from tourism. Our driver actually kept us from wasting money by stopping at a bar outside the airport. He instead took us to a Mexican 7-Eleven and told us to buy a couple beers for the ride. FYI, Los Cabos International airport is located in San Jose, which is either 30 or 45 minutes from Cabo San Lucas depending on the route your driver takes. Don’t be worried, both locations offer amazing views. The 30-minute drive is through the mountains and we actually seen wolves and mountain cats!!! The 45-minute drive is along the coast, and if you love the beach as I do, you will definitely enjoy the ride.

RIU Palace Cabo San Lucas

During my trip, I stayed at the RIU Palace Cabos San Lucas, which is an all-inclusive resort directly on the beach. The RIU Palace has a sister hotel that sits on the mainland side of the Place called RIU Sante Fe. Sante Fe is cheaper than Palace since it’s not located directly on the beach, so if you don’t mind walking and want to save money Sante Fe is a great second option.

We upgraded our room to the Deluxe Ocean front room, but my advice is, unless you want to spend the extra money, go with the basic rooms. Every room at the Palace is ocean view rooms! So you will have an amazing view from the room regardless.

RIU Palace is amazing. The resort is super clean and up to date. They offered the best Mexican bar during lunch hours outside the pool area. Speaking of the pool, see the picture above! They have one of the best pools I have every stepped foot in. The infinity pool with the view of mountains to El Arco is a great reason to stay at this resort!

El Arco

So this picture is really nice, but doesn’t do the view justice! As we did, taking a sunset dinner cruise is probably the best way to take in the view of El Arco. I know a few friends who did a daytime trip, and actually jumped off of Pelican Rock and went swimming. One quick google search and you will find out about Lovers and Divorce Beaches. Also, the Arch offers a hidden beach called Playa del Amor.

But back to the dinner cruise! Margaritas and fajitas while cruising one of the best views every during sunset?!? If that didn’t excite you, I don’t know what would as a traveler, unless you are more a museum/historical sites vacationer. Oh yeah, the margaritas and beers are endless, believe me when I say so, I feel down the steps on the boat. To my benefit the steps were actually wet but still too many margaritas. The view was so crazy; I wasn’t even embarrassed. That was a lie.

All the boats leave from the marina, which is located downtown Cabo San Lucas. It is about a 10-minute drive from the RIU. Downtown also offers nightlife, and a ton of shops to gather some local souvenirs. There are multiple dinner cruises, and you can even take a water taxi out to El Arco if you want to save a little to see the view.

Camel Rides Along Pacific

Like all other tourist destinations, Cabo offers a excursions of all types. You can go swimming with the dolphins, atv’ing, biking, and even golfing. Cabo is actually a hot spot for golfing.

We decided to do something different and like any other decision, my wife wanted to go so we went. She forced me to go camel riding!!! Never wished to ride a camel, and only time I actually seen people do it was in pictures of Dubai and at the Bronx Zoo. Plus, seeing a camel spit in person and smelling a camel in person would really change your mind about riding one.

But honestly, it was one of the greatest times in my life. I’m pretty short, so the whole process of getting on top of the camel, and riding on something that high was fun… I was scared, as you know what up there. But after a few seconds you realized you were riding on a camel along the Pacific Ocean. The high waves and ocean breeze definitely calmed my nerves. There was even another excursion of people riding electric bikes down the Pacific.

The excursion definitely was worth the money when they took us on a nature walk and then authentic Mexican lunch after riding the camels. The lunch was amazing. We learned how to make tortillas from corn and how to really take a tequila shot. For your info, in the states we are WRONG!!! You are supposed to take the lime before the shot and not after! Totally helps with the half gag after swallowing tequila. But back to lunch; mole, fajitas, rice, and tequila, you can’t beat that!

As always, feel free to comment below!!! All comments welcomed, whether you want to dido my list, or totally debate me on another destination! And subscribe for more!!!
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