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My Top 3 Travel Destinations

So brief intro before we jump into the top 3 destinations. My first international trip was my senior cruise from college. What a way to kick off traveling, over 50 people, and it was crazy! Since then I have been on a couple cruises from Disney to Carnival to Royal Caribbean. I have stayed in All Inclusive Resorts and even AirBnB’s internationally. I have done the straight beach relaxing vacations all the way to making my wife walk around Rome for a full day (She should of listened when I said pack walking shoes).

With all that said, I would drop everything to visit these destinations again and again and again. These destinations are home to some of the most amazing beaches in the world and what’s vacation without a beach?!?, and still includes a ton of culture to learn something new and cuisine that will make you second guess all Americanize International restaurants! Believe me eating tacos in Mexico makes Chipotle compare to Taco Bell.


Eagle Beach - Aruba

I love this place so much; the last time I visited I tried to talk my wife into moving there. Tried to sell her on the fact my daughter would know 4 languages by high school through their education systems. Crazy right, I know I thought the same thing! 4 languages!!! In the states, some of us barely know English! And if you didn’t catch it first read “the last time I visited”, I have been to Aruba multiple times, which can be a travel blogger no-no, but for the “One Happy Island” what’s not to love?!?

Aruba is home to one of the top beaches in the world, Eagle Beach, and if you ask the locals that’s not even the best beach on the island. White sand beaches formed out of limestone, you literally can walk barefoot and wouldn’t even think you’re in the Caribbean heat.

One of the best things I love about Aruba is that it’s in the Caribbean but not in the hurricane belt. You can literally visit year around, with its temperatures staying around 77-99 degrees, without having to worry about the dreaded hurricane season. Do keep in mind hurricanes still cause rainfall in Aruba, but you don’t have to worry about monsoons on your vacation.

Check out my post on the Top Things to do In Aruba! I talk about the best way to experience flamingo beach, the best way to travel to Aruba’s National Park, and give some insight on how to make the most out of your time there on vacation.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

El Arco - Cabo San Lucas

Viva La Mexico!!! I still can’t believe the view I had here at the RIU Palace. I literally woke up every morning at 6:30am, partially because I was behind 3 hours, and sat in the coffee lounge and just took in the view. If you want a slight glimpse at how amazing our world is, check out the view of the mountains in the water from a far. Look at the picture above, still doesn’t do this place justice!!!

Apart from the other two on this list, Cabo is probably not the top beach destination if you enjoy taking a dive. Located close to where the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean meet, the waters are quite rough. So rough they had signs at my resort that said “SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK!” Even with that in mind, Cabo offers a host of other options that still help it make my top 3 list above the likes of Santorini and Rome.

One thing that swung Cabo’s vote is the cuisine. Who doesn’t love Mexican food?!? Yah you might have had Mexican in the states, but NOTHING compares to authentic Mexican cuisine. I’m getting hungry just writing about it. I literally learned how to make corn tortillas out of real CORN! Not sure what corn tortillas are made of in the states.

Check out my post on Viva la Cabo!!! I talk about riding camels along the Pacific, eating authentic Mexican, and enjoying the best sunset dinner cruise of your life (also talk about how I feel down the steps on the boat). Sneak peak the photo above was captured on that cruise.

Mykonos, Greece

Paradise Beach - Mykonos

If you haven’t picked up yet from the first two, I love beaches!!! So it’s only fitting the last destination has to offer some of the best beaches in the world. Believe me no amount of words can describe my experience on the Greek Island of Mykonos. If I never started this blog and wanted to travel to new places for posts, I promise I would just find a way to vacation there every year!!!

From the port town full of history white buildings to the most gorgeous beaches in the world, Mykonos is definitely bucket list material. It’s actually funny because the main reason for my trip there was to visit Santorini, and it was on a Royal Caribbean cruise so it was a bonus at first. Until I stepped foot on Paradise Beach!!! I talk more about Mykonos and Santorini in my post: I would vacation to Mykonos over Santorini any day in the week.

Back to Paradise Beach (Disclaimer: one of the guys there said Eagle Beach was better, so I’m guessing my top 3 is pretty good). Ok, ok, back to Paradise Beach. Umm… let me try to explain this. The best beach experience of my life! From crystal clear water, seeing fish swim around your feet, to the beach waiter service delivering food and drinks; this beach is definitely underrated on the best beaches in the world list!!!

To learn more about my experience at Paradise Beach, Mykonos, and even Santorini, check out my post Now I Know Why The Romans Stole The Greek gods. I will detail my entire cruise trip, which also includes a stop in Athens and Ancient Olympia!

As always, feel free to comment below!!! All comments welcomed, whether you want to dido my list, or totally debate me on another destination! And subscribe for more!!!
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