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Financial Brunch 2019 Recap

The initial idea of having a family financial brunch was sparked after watching my father in law deliver a financial seminar at a local church. I was in the process of writing my own personal finance book, and asked him why he never had a similar session with the family.

You would think, a family led by someone that’s financially savvy, would all be the same, through osmosis, but it doesn’t work that way. Money conversations are needed, because people do not always pick up on being led by example. So, I really wanted to create a session where people felt comfortable to discuss their financial struggles and to answer questions.

“Each One Reach One”

You would have felt as though I was going to start as the quarterback for a team about the play in the Super Bowl with all the pressure I felt before starting the Financial Brunch for my wife’s side of the family. Some of the pressure was my own anxiety and some pushed on me unintentionally by others anxiety.

My first anxiety trigger

My mother in law asked to change the time of the brunch, because she wanted to go Black Friday shopping. Even though we were going to have a session on “money”, I was totally cool with that being that I wanted everyone to get the best out of the conversation. But, afterwards when everyone kept asking what time we were starting, the pressure started to build up. Initially, the brunch was set for Black Friday from 10-11am. She asked to move it back so we agreed on 1pm.

My second anxiety trigger

"What time is the BILLIONAIRE brunch starting?!?”

Family members were coming up with all kind of names for the financial brunch! Before the event, I heard it called everything from money seminar, budget session, to billionaire seminar. I kept responding saying it wasn’t a seminar but more of a conversation. I really wanted them to feel comfortable and to be able to receive with an open mindset.

“When you die, do you want to leave money and an inheritance or do you want to just leave chicken money” - Michael Washington

I was so lucky to have my father in law to start off the session, because I can tell you the pressure in the room was high. It was totally understandable. Nobody talks about money, because it’s an uncomfortable conversation, and on top that nobody knew what to expect so most were probably thinking we were going to analyze their budgets! My father in law really set the tone for the session, and I just followed up reassuring them that we are all family, and the only purpose for this was for the overall betterment of the family.

We dove right into the presentation. I’m not going to bore you with the details of the presentation, but the link to it is below. We talked about why we spend money, how to budget, all the way to how to start to build wealth. I think we were sidetracked a couple times, especially when the conversation of paying tithes came up, but overall it was a great experience.

Financial Brunch 2019 Presentation

I truly enjoyed the session. I was able to see my family members taking notes, asking tons of questions, and in general open up about insecurities they never talked about. I was able to see my in law’s become vulnerable and talk openly to their kids about their relationship money issues and overall how they dealt with them. It truly was an amazing experience, so much that I didn’t want to be the only person to give you a recap. I asked the family to give a brief response so you can read those below.

Felecia Washington (Mother-in-law/Mimi)

Although we are each at various levels on the financial spectrum, the laid back atmosphere provided the perfect setting for open discussion about finances. I think each of us left with next steps in mind.

Tiara Davis (Sister-in-law)

Financial Brunch 2019 was a really inspiring experience. I’ve never sat down with my whole family to talk about money. Breaking the ice on that topic I know is the first step to generational wealth. Financial literacy is so important and I can’t wait until the next session to learn more.

Rashonda Washington (Sister-in-law)

My take away from the Financial brunch was that it takes small steady steps to change your financial future and that of your children. The first step, and sometimes the hardest part is having an honest conversation about where you are financially so that you can learn to do better and be better. I also learned that writing your goals out and budgeting is the key component to staying on track.

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