I am Will Thomas. A full time IT Engineer and part time travel agent born in Newark, NJ and raised in Charlotte, NC. I hold a Computer Science Bachelor’s degree from the Winston Salem State University and a Master’s in Information Technology from UNC-Charlotte.  I have worked on Wall Street, at a major tobacco company, and for one of the biggest utilities in the US. Through all my work experience, I have learned the one who takes the job nobody wants is the one who is going to succeed.

My passion for traveling drove me to start a travel agency called FDBTravel to help and inspire others to travel the world. Through my own personal and family experiences, I have grown to understand the importance of managing your money wisely as well. These experiences have sparked a new passion for personal finance education. This passion has risen to the same level as my passion for traveling. I honestly see them going hand and hand. Having your finances in order allows you to travel in style. I want to change the culture on how to manage money and see the world like never before.


Email me at: info@iamwillthomas.com

Facebook: @iamwillthomas88

Instagram: @_iamwillthomas

Will Thomas



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